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Lawn Cutting = Instant gratification

Mowing the lawn serves a two purposes.  First, the cosmetic benefits can be noticed immediately, giving the great feeling of self accomplishment after the task is complete. Not only does a homeowner get this feeling but, so do those working for a company. Knowing that they have done a great job for the customer and feel great pride for a job well done. Mowing the lawn on a regular basis helps keep the grass short, neat and even.  This also gives your lawn a very well manicured and orderly appearance. The other benefits that come with mowing the lawn on a regular basis may not be as immediately obvious, but they are just as important.

The benefits

The first health benefit that is achieved is the way that the grass grows. In a yard, nutrients are absorbed by the grass and used to grow and maintain health.  By cutting down uniform level on a regular basis, all of the growth gets an equal distribution of nutrients. When fertilizing the lawn, nutrients applied to the lawn will be used quicker as well.

The second benefit comes with the reinforcement and improvement of roots and blades over time. When the grass is cut, the hardiest shoots are the ones that do the best.  With every cut, the best shoots will generate grass that is much healthier and more visible in overall appearance.

The last health benefit is mulched grass will help to recycle nutrient in the lawn. Even if a person is bagging some of the extra debris from the act will be returned to the soil.  This plant matter composts quickly and revitalizes the soil underneath it. In this way, mowing helps to keep everything fresh and green.

Advice from the professionals

When it comes to manicuring the lawn it is essential to remember not to butcher the lawn. Cutting too short will stress the lawn and may cause unintended dormancy. We suggest a length of 3 – 3 & 1/2 inches and will advise a length of 4 inches in the hottest times in the summer or during a drought. When maintaining a longer length to the lawn this helps with retaining moisture in the lawn. This will help reduce the amount of watering needed to keep the lawn looking green and healthy.

Reason to have a company

How much is your time worth? Everyone in America has busy lives, with work, taking care of the kids, projects around the house and every day tasks to insure a happy home. Do you really need or want to take time out of your busy day to cut the lawn? The time it takes to manicure the lawn, (depending how big your lawn is) the investment of a lawn mower, the expensive gas costs of running the equipment. Not to mention the trimming around flower beds, play sets, trees and shrubs. This all takes a considerable amount of time and money. It is easier and in a lot of ways, more time and cost effective to have a company do this work for you.

Turf One, will be happy to help you take the burden of lawn care out of your schedule. On average there is about 28 weeks of cutting in the season and we will be there in a timely manner every week. Our charge starts as low as $24.00 a week.

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