Mole Control

Do I have moles in my lawn?

The signs of moles in the lawn are very noticeable and almost any homeowner knows what the damage looks like. But, for those who have never seen the damage or a new home owner, it will seem like lines or ridges of dieing grass and even mounds of dirt in the lawn. When a mole it trekking through your lawn the tunnels they create separate the root system of the grass from the soil. This is the prime reason you see dieing lines in the lawn and the most common damage you see first.

Most common moles you will hear about.

The Eastern Mole and the Star-nosed Mole are the most common in our part of the United States. These subterranean pests can have a average length of around 7 inches long and a average weight of around 3-4 ounces. A family of these creatures can do serious damage to lawns and or flower beds.

Moles Habits.

Moles lives in the seclusion of underground burrows, coming to the surface only rarely. Deep runways lead from the mole’s den to its hunting grounds. The den area consists of irregular chambers here and they are connected with the deep runways. Moles make their home burrows in high, dry spots, but they prefer to hunt in soil that is shaded, cool, moist, and populated by earth worms as their main diet. However, they will eat almost any other insect they come across such as grubs. Most of a mole’s runway system is made up of shallow tunnels ranging over its hunting ground. These tunnels may not be used again or they may be re-traversed at irregular intervals. Moles eat from 70% to 100% of their weight each day.


What can Turf One do for you?

Turf One, has many certified technicians that have many years of experience in dealing with such a pest. One of the newest and most affective ways to control moles is using a product such as Talprid. This product mimics the moles most common food source earth worms. With a mild toxin inside the Talprid worm, this is laid inside the tunnel of their active runway. The mole will come across this fake food source and eat it. After that within 48 hours the mole will no longer be able to do its damage to your lawn. Please, call us so we can show you how Turf One can help you this season with your mole problem.

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