Shrub & Tree Care

The General Program

Dormant Oil –

The Dormant oil is a topical application designed to help control over winterized insect eggs. This can help us get the upper hand at the beginning of the season.

Early Spring Growth –

This special combination of insecticide and fungicide, allows us to start controlling most leaf feeding insects and leaf spotting diseases that begin to develop on the landscape.

Early Summer –

This time of the year controlling insects can be most important. Japanese beetles, aphids, spider mites and scale will begin feeding in the masses. The insecticide will help control other insects not mentioned as well.  Diseases on the landscape will get continued treatment to extend protection on the landscape.

Late Summer –

Continued targeting of sucking and chewing insects to prevent and extend protection of the landscape.

Late Season –

The final spray treatment of the season! Our last chance to minimize the amount of winterizing eggs being laid from insects. A treated landscape is a happy landscape. The value of the landscape has been protected.

Deep Root Fertilizing –

A surplus of nutrients in the soil are the number one thing in maintaining a healthy landscape. Our deep root fertilizer includes  nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, iron, and a micro nutrient pack, which is injected into the root zone. Doing this service will improve fruit, flowering and bud development. A hardy root system will give improved overall health and vigor. The recommended time to apply is application is fall time, however, this can also be preformed in the spring.

Specialty Programs

Crab & Pine Sprays –

Apple Scab and Diplodia Tip Blight are very stubborn and common diseases that develop in these plants. Crab apples can develop apple scab from extreme moisture in the soil during the season and from leaves that blow into your yard. Dipolida develops much in the same manner for pine trees, causing tip discoloration and premature defoliation.

We use a 3-point system to combat these diseases, that begins around bud break. Each treatment is 14-21 days apart in quick succession to push back and halt its progression.

Spruce Gall Sprays –

Cooley spruce galls are commonly found on the new growth of spruce trees. These galls are produced by insects called Cooley spruce gall adelgids (woolly aphids). Galls appear early in the season as 2- to 4-inch cucumber-shaped growths. The galls are light green during late spring and early summer but dry out and become brown starting in mid-July. The galls often are mistaken for seed cones.

The 2-point system we integrate on spruces targets the aphids at the proper times to prevent gall from developing. Once in the spring and fall timed just right will stop damage from becoming apparent.

Needle Cast Sprays –

Needle cast is a disease that causes discoloration of the needles, needle drop, and eventual defoliation. Infected needles turn yellow in July and then reddish-purple in August. The needles eventually turn brown and fall off one to several branches. A severely affected tree will have many bare branches. Premature needle drop is the primary damage, causing the tree to become unsightly. However, branches that are defoliated for four or five years may die. If left uncontrolled, the disease can eventually kill the tree.

3-point system of fungicide applications, similar to the crab & pines sprays that will control this disease. Allowing the plant to focus on recovering and developing new growth.

Wilt-Proofing –

Protecting your evergreens from the harsh winter winds can be a difficult task at times. This is a cheaper alternative to burlap on the evergreens on the property. This topical application is designed to give the protection needed to push back the winter winds that can cause burn damage to the plants. Also, keeping the necessary moisture in the plant that help it survive the winter.

Protect your growing investment:  Shrub & Tree Care

First impressions are as important to houses as they are for people. A good landscape design can increase the value of a home up to almost 20%, the standard value. The trees & shrubs around your home and on the property are living breathing value makers. That being said, why let them suffer? They are the first thing people see when looking at your home. Yes, proper pruning and cultural maintenance can certainly help keep them looking healthy. But, there are other factors that need to be addressed. Remember when I said “They are living and breathing?” It is the truth.

Trees & shrubs can and will be affected by diseases and insects every spring through fall season. That means they will get weak and sick and could possibly die. Not only is that a loss on investment but, that is more money being put into the house to replace the plant and no further value being accrued. Using our spray protection program we can help control and maintain a healthy landscape. Applying insecticide to minimize insect population to a controllable threshold to stop further damage to the plant. Also, fungicide to keep controllable diseases from spreading to other trees & shrubs and stopping the sickness when possible.

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