Tree & Shrub Pruning

The importance of pruning maintenance

Pruning is a essential maintenance for trees and shrubs around home landscape. However, most homeowners regard pruning with apprehension, although unnecessarily. Pruning is not difficult if you understand the basics, learn why, when, and how to prune. Trees and shrubs should be examined annually for pruning requirements. Very frequently, pruning is ignored for many years. Some trees and  shrubs become overgrown and often weak, making drastic pruning a necessity to bring the plant back to usefulness. Regular pruning will help keep the plant from getting out of hand and keep its growth vigorous.

Good reasons for pruning.

Maintain or reduce plant size. Pruning can prevent a plant from overgrowing its space in the landscape and eliminates the need for drastic cutting of crowded, overgrown plants. It can allow for growth of plants under or adjacent to the pruned plant. It can also serve to reduce leaf area on newly planted trees and shrubs. This promotes survival through transplanting and consequent root loss.

Removing undesirable growth can encourage plant vigor through the removal of weak, overcrowded growth. Such thinning often improves the visual balance or symmetry of the plant.

Removing dead, diseased, or broken branches will aid in maintaining the shape, vigor, and health of the plant. This can also help flowering or fruiting tress promote new growth for flowering buds next season.

Preventable damage to property through pruning can minimize the hazard of limbs interfering with power lines or overgrowing structures. It can also remove weak crotches before limbs break in strong winds and open blocked sight lines caused by overhanging limbs at driveways or street corners. This is very important because of the unpredictable weather in Michigan. With the many Rain, Snow and wind storms we receive through out the year.

How can we help?

At Turf One, we have many experienced professional tree pruners. We will evaluate the best time and best course of action that is needed to properly prune the plants that need maintenance the most. Give us a call and we will send out a representative to give you a free estimate and meet you on property if requested.

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